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Everything You Need to Know About Pilot Season

It's getting close to that time of the year again. While studios are on a holiday hiatus, 'Pilot Season' will kick off on January 2, and with it comes opportunity. So what exactly is 'Pilot Season', and how can an actor prepare? Read below for the facts you need to know!

How do pilots benefit beginner actors?

Pilots are great opportunities for actors to create a name on the big screen. There are so many pilots done during this period for which upcoming actors can audition. The good news is that most people auditioning for these shows are still trying to make it in the industry. This doesn't make the competition any less; instead, it means as a new actor, you have a good chance of casting in a show. Additionally, during these casting opportunities, new actors establish connections with the big names in the industry.

How to prepare for an audition for a pilot

Acting is a talent. However, likely, actors will even notice you or even have time to check out your portfolio. If you intend to audition during the pilot season, you need to prepare early enough. Here are some tips that will help prepare for the pilot season:

Work on your acting skills

The acting world is very competitive, and some terrific actors go unnoticed. To perfect your acting and earn yourself an opportunity, you need to put in a lot of work. One way of this is by taking part in plays or creating a web series with your friends. Additionally, taking acting classes would help you work on your weak areas.

Try to be versatile by practicing different roles. As a starting actor, you can't afford to let an opportunity slip by. For this reason, you should embrace every opportunity that comes your way if you are flexible with different roles, that increases your chances of getting an opportunity.

Get an agent

It is only through agencies that actors get opportunities to audition, even for pilots. For this reason, look for an agent early enough and sign up. Important to note is that casting directors often have their go-to people whenever they need a cast. They will, therefore, get in touch with their contacts for lead characters. And if you have an agent, you could get lucky.

Create relationships

As an aspiring actor, you need all connections you can get to grow in your career. Maximize every opportunity you get to interact with producers and casting directors, among other people you meet in the filming industry. Whenever opportunities arise, these personalities contact the people they know, and it could be you.

It is also essential to make a lasting impression with every audition or acting opportunity. If the directors believe in your abilities and passion for acting, they could contact you for the next show. Important to note is that the connections you build early in your career propel you to the next level.

Be proactive

With all the competition, you need to do all you can to get noticed. You can achieve this by being in the right places on social media. Share your content and try to get as much following as possible. Finally, get all your materials up to date and ensure that you and your agent are on the same page.

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