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10 Modeling Terms to Know

Professional modeling is an exciting career with a language all its own. Many of the top professional models earn significant incomes and lead glamorous lives. Learning the following 15 essential modeling terms will give any aspiring model a leg up and remove needless anxiety and confusion. Let's give them a look.

  1. Art Model -- A model who poses for artists, either individually, in a group, or in a class.

  2. Beauty Shot -- A photo of a model's head intended to emphasize bone structure, skin, and the natural beauty of the model, distracting jewelry and hairstyles are discouraged.

  3. Book -- A model's portfolio, typically containing various paid modeling shots to be distributed and reviewed by potential employers.

  4. Call Back -- When a model receives an invitation for a second audition for the same job.

  5. Cattle Call -- An audition where numerous models appear at the same time to be interviewed and evaluated for potential employment.

  6. Commercial Model -- Models who work in commercial advertising environments including, makeup, lingerie, swimsuit, plus-size, and catalog. Commercial models can appear in television Ads, in print, or online.

  7. High Fashion Models -- Models who work with high-end fashion designers and appear in fashion shows, on catwalks, runways, and showrooms. They are often the highest compensated models.

  8. Markets -- The locations where model work is known to be available. Examples of major modeling markets include New York, Tokyo, and Paris.

  9. Mother Agent -- The agent who discovers a model and initially helps build her career. Mother Agents are very important, helping to develop a model's look, market her, get her work and build her portfolio.

  10. Catwalk Model -- High-end fashion models who perform live on catwalks, runways, and showrooms.

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